I went from 0 to 80 using McKeown Law. I wish I had known about them sooner. They uncovered so many areas in my medical records needing VA evaluation that were never looked at when I was originally leaving active duty. They took care of everything in a very professional manner and now I’m receiving the VA compensation that I actually deserved all along.

Carlos R.

OUTSTANDING! I really appreciate the extremely fast response to all of my questions. I couldn’t have asked for a more courteous team. Their instructions and guidance made my experience with the VA Examiners a breeze…I was definitely relax. Thanks

Rodney B.

“Outstanding” – McKeown Law Firm made everything as easy as possible for me. They managed every step necessary to review and file for my VA disability compensation. They were prompt, courteous, efficient, and professional. Sincerely, they exceeded my expectations!!! I have already and will continue to recommend them. The service they provide to us veteran and their structure fee was well-worth. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the entire process; everything they did cannot be fairly described in this limited space. From records review, to claims, to coordination, legal guidance and more, they helped me through the entire process. As others have also expressed, it is evident that they cared about us Veterans and they do their work superbly! Definitely 5 Stars.

Tahiron G.

I started this process with zero disability and little interest in pursuing it, especially after hearing the issues and roadblocks friends and coworkers were having trying to resolve their claims solo. Then, a friend recommended the Mckeown law firm after they had achieved success. Their challenge to me was that it would only cost me a phone call. That phone call, which started the process, turned out to be one of best phone calls I’ve ever made. Ladies and gentlemen, my challenge to anyone reading this who was a skeptic like me is, MAKE THAT PHONE CALL. These folks, all of them, are amazing!

Jim M.

Andrew and his team fought hard for my VA compensation claims. They were honest and kept in contact about each stage of process. I have referred 3 other veterans to give team for assistance and they, too, have received the same professional services that I have. If you have any hesitations about applying for, or appealing your VA compensation, do not hesitate to give his office and team a call. You will not be disappointed.

Ben H.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with how professional, thorough, and diligent McKeown Law was in assisting me with my claim. Every single person I spoke with during the process made it evident that they cared about me and other Veterans. It is very evident that a superior sense of duty and exceptional work ethic exists across all levels within McKeown Law. I would wholeheartedly recommend McKeown to other veterans, and I am very grateful for their services.

Reid L.

Simply “Outstanding” overall performance by the McKeown Law Firm to rectify my personal VA disability rating situation. The courteous, efficient, and professional “behind the scenes” service they rendered is simply “second to none.” I would recommend their dedicated work to any applicable veteran in the future (and have already done so for a few deserving “various military service” veterans). I owe McKeown Law a tremendous amount of gratitude. Thank you very much

Wesley R.

Honest and very helpful throughout the process. Would recommend to everyone.

Tim M.

McKeown Law is an extremely professional and process driven firm. Their knowledge of the VA system allows them to keep their clients informed and let them know what to expect when filing a claim. The most impressive part of their service is just how thorough they are. They review every record and every fact before proceeding to the next step in the process. I highly recommend their services to any veteran needing to file a claim. They will keep you well informed and give your case the required attention it deserves. And their detailed process ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Joe S.

I had my initial VA assessment shortly after I retired from active duty over 15 years and did not understand the process. Consequently, I was rated far below what I felt I should have been. I have several service friends who worked with McKeown Law and all of them highly recommended I make contact to have my VA decision reassessed. I sent McKeown Law an e-mail and they contacted me shortly after and led me through the reassessment process. I had to go through a few C&P exams, but the preparation information McKeown Law provided made the examinations much less stressful. I recently received notification of my VA decision and very pleased with the result. I highly recommend McKeown Law. I am not overstated when I say working with them was life-changing.

Richard C.

I wish I could have talked to the McKeown Law LLP prior to transitioning from my military service. I have been retired since 1998 and I have continuously filed on my own for VA Compensation. For the first eleven years, I had NO results. A friend shared the website (heroservingheros.com) with me and it was one of the best websites I could have ever visited. McKeown Law LLP in my opinion is definitely on the side of the Veteran. I appreciate all the hard work their team put in to help me gain a 50% or more increase for my injuries. I will always be Grateful, and I will always share their website with those who need them. Thank you so much from being so Honest, Efficient, and Effective with the things you do to assist us Armed Force Veterans. Much Love to You and Your Teams.

Adolph Y.

I am very pleased with the work McKeown Law did for me in filing my V.A. claim, providing study material to help me understand the process, and preparing for my disability exams. I would highly recommend McKeown Law Firm to any veteran who is FIGHTING for compensation due to injury or illness as a result of their military service. They fought my battle with the V.A. and secured a substantial increase in my V.A. rating and compensation.

Bruce R.

The Mckeown folks did what I simply didn’t have the knowledge or will to do myself. Having no desire to go through a lengthy, burdensome, frustrating, and I thought, futile process, I reached out to McKeown after a referral from a friend. I say this because I know there are veterans out there, just like me, who don’t want to go through it…trust me, you owe it to yourself to reach out to them. It started with an email drone me to them, a follow up phone call, from them to me, and the process was started. They do all the heavy lifting. You just attend your exams and state your case. Simple as that. The McKeown firm is with you every step of the way, and, after! I can’t thank them enough for their professionalism and advocacy. It’s an overused word but they truly are, amazing! Thankful for the McKeown firm and the friend who gave me the referral!

James M.

Great lawyer to work with. Very courteous and knowledgeable. Five Stars and a fist bump! Hoorah!!

Larry K.

Very professional individuals to deal with and made the process dealing with the VA effortless! McKeown Law is a great advocate for all veterans and gets the compensation deserved. I recommend looking into what they can do for you

Jeff C.

Incredible service and excellent explanation of every step of the process. Handling things regarding VA can be stressful and exhausting, McKeown Law has definitely helped me out a great deal in justly getting the compensation I deserve. Extremely satisfied and impressed with their research and years of experience. The most outstanding quality is that they genuinely care about their veterans and treat them with high quality service!

Steven Q.

Exceptional service! The firm’s research and filings successfully identified and validated significant additional compensation despite my having retired over 20 years prior. They understand the bureaucracy and do all the work. They are worth every penny of their fee and even that is structured to be painless (literally 0 out of pocket). Veterans are well served by this outstanding firm.

Kevin C.

My experience dealing with Mckeown Law, LLP has been outstanding. Their professionalism and care made the process of applying and processing my VA disability claim smooth and painless. Their understanding of the bureaucracy and the complex process necessary to file and manage a claim is singularly responsible for the positive outcome of my claim. Their knowledge of what steps to navigate and where and how long things should/would take took the uncertainty out of the equation and allowed me to concentrate on things that we had control over. Without their expert assistance, I probably would have abandoned the task at several of the difficult and time-consuming steps. I am grateful for their help and impressed with the attention and support that they give each veteran in their care. I would (and will) recommend their service to anyone that has worn the uniform of our Country’s Services.

James S.

I have nothing but praise for McKeown Law LLP. They are OUTSANDING!! I can not thank them enough for their very professional & successful assistance in winning my challenge of my VA disability claim. I Highly recommend them to help any veteran.

Jack L.

After being at 70% for over 20 years, I felt it was time to be revaluated. I tried working through the VA but they were less than helpful. Being a younger ( I’m only 62) vet, I still had a job and the amount of time to work through the complex VA system was fairly daunting. My disabilities, while not life threatening, were beginning to take there toll on my ability to continue working. I contacted the McKeown Law firm, and it was the most wonderful experience I could imagine. They were upfront, caring, and very thorough with my claim. They responded with expert advice, handled the appeal after an early set back, and were instrumental in getting me to 100%. I would recommend them to any Veteran trying to get what they fairly deserve. From start to finish, right at a year. Their staff was ready to help at every step of the process.

William U.

Andrew J McKeown and staff has done an outstanding job in helping me with my VA claim. My injuries have caused me pain for 50 years, initially, the VA denied I was ever in the U.S. Army and I tried step by step, staying in the chain of command, trying to get help by myself with no success. I ran into a Deputy Sheriff of L.A. county and when he heard that I was having all these problems he gave me Mr. McKeown contact info and the first consultation I was impressed with their knowledge and expertise. They were very quick in their responses with VA, and have in my opinion accomplished more than I ever would have solo. They found things in my record that I didn’t even remember happening, that has caused me a lot of discomforts. I really appreciate their hard work and strongly recommend them.

Rex R.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when calling for my first appointment. I had forgotten a few items on my first VA claim and had received additional diagnoses since my first claim. My initial VSO literally lumped multiple things together as “female issues” on my claim. I was initially awarded 0% service-connected, but now I had an actual diagnosis, I wanted to go back and reclaim that. I was scared to initiate a claim knowing that I risked a decrease. McKeown Law did a thorough review of my medical records and determined it was unlikely I would lose any compensation. I had a few phone interviews and they made sure I was more than ready for my exams. The only risk you take by not calling them is losing out on compensation that is rightfully yours. If they don’t feel you are going to increase your compensation or could risk lowering your compensation they tell you that after doing a medical review. They don’t charge you unless you get an increase.

Laura W.

McKeown Law LLP team did an outstanding job throughout the entire process! From beginning to end they kept me informed and answered all my questions/concerns. I highly recommend this firm to all Veterans!!!


GREAT JOB! I had been through this process before numerous times. I didn’t have any success with other firms. I was frustrated and wanted to give up when a friend recommended McKeown Law LLP. I was skeptical at first and didn’t know what to expect with my case. I am so glad I listened to her. The firm provided me with step-by-step with everything that they were doing. I most definitely will recommend this law firm to everyone that I know who needs help with the VA process. It’s so good to know that someone out there is willing to help Veterans who have given so much to their country get their benefits. McKeown Law LLP all the way!

Sharon B.

Andrew McKeown and his team were excellent. Very knowledgeable, easy to work with and great results. After 32 years of service and retiring as a senior commander and staff officer, I expected I should have been able to figure out and navigate the VA disability claims process. No so, and without their expertise and work on my behalf, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. I believe their rate was more than fair and recommend them to any veteran.

Greg H.

McKeown Law LLP Is an absolutely superb firm who’s goal are to help Veterans. They are responsive, detailed oriented, and extremely competent. I highly recommend anyone dealing with the VA bureaucracy and professional support. It is so nice as a retiree to know there are experts willing to do your bidding. I am 100% satisfied with these Patriots.

Nathaniel I.

McKeown Law firm is the only law firm Vets should be using. Perfect communication, professionalism and results.

Mark B.

Mckeown Law is just simply amazing! They were able to help me achieve my goal with the VA in just 6 months with them. I wish I would have known about them sooner, like the last 12 years of fighting the VA on my own and using numerous other agencies and organizations for help and support. Never again. Worth every penny I paid! If you need help these are the guys to go too.

John M.

I’m so happy I decided to take a chance when I was ready to completely give up fighting with the VA. A friend referred me to McKeown and I’m ever so grateful. No other services have been able to accomplish what this firm has been able to do for me. I went from zero compensation to a compensable rating well beyond my expectations. I’ve already recommended this firm to fellow veteran and will continue to recommend McKeown to every veteran I come across who’s fighting to get a disability rating that accurately reflects their condition(s). Thank you for a job well done!

Regina K.

Writing a review will not be justice for what the McKeown Law organization has done for me. I remember reaching out, not knowing what to say or expect. My first encounter over the phone was the start of something unique and hopeful. Everything in conversations, emails, and texts were professional and life-changing, but what touched me was the feeling of caring and honesty. My words of gratitude are nothing but joy. McKeown’s law family answered the call, and my story became a living testimony. Thank you all for a heartfelt desire to serve a vet like me. Second to None! Job well Done. C. Jenkins

Charles J.

Andrew and his staff were AMAZING! They were kind and courteous throughout the whole process of filing my claim. Their method/system WORK! No if-ands-or-buts. They were always quick to return a phone call or email and didn’t get frustrated when I would ask the same question a couple of times. I would recommend ANY Veteran that is receiving $$ from the VA and/or any Vet who SHOULD be receiving $$ from the VA, contact Andrew ASAP and put them to work for you!

Joe C.

The attorneys at McKeown LLP are not only extremely knowledgeable in matters pertaining to the machinations of the BVA, they are also conscientious and meticulous in approaching each and every appeal. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Andrew and Fred on two occasions now; once, to get my rating from 70% to 90%, and then again more recently we filed an appeal to get my rating increased to 100%! While the VA took TWO YEARS to make a decision, Andrew and Fred helped me to remain positive until the final award. Thank you for being there for me through this arduous process.

Jay K.

Very impressed. Everyone was kind, courteous, and patient throughout the process. They did exactly what they said they would. Terms were fair and reasonable from the start and they delivered! I’ve already recommended them to several friends and colleagues. They could not have made this process easier. Thank you, Team McKeown. Keep up the great work!

Mark B.

Jose I Guzman, I was referred by a friend of mine who got great results. When I contacted the firm I was impressed by the quick response, attention to detail, and the friendliness of the staff. There were no surprises as I was told the timeline and what to expect ahead of time. At the end of the day, the results were outstanding. I recommend the firm and have to fellow veterans that I work with. The staff treated me very respectful as a human being not just like a client. I am very grateful for the outcome and has allowed me to be more at ease in my life. Thank you so much.

Jose G.

I am completely satisfied with the firm’s honest approach and the sensitivity to my circumstances…I followed the instructions with patience, had every question answered while going through process, learned a ton of new information about the current benefits available to veterans. I’m thankful a friend shared this firm with me…and now, I passing the word to others. Too many qualified Service Disable Vets are out there that need the right help…the appreciation I have for the firm has motivated me to share with others!…without a professional and knowledgeable team – it’s tough to win the fight! Let’s Go!! McKeown Law LLP


Upon retirement, 16 years ago, I had received a 70% VA rating. At that time I wasn’t aware that I could have appealed for a higher rating, so I accepted what I got.. Friends told me to appeal. I was skeptical and figured that I didn’t know where to even start. I was referred to McKeown Law. I checked out their website, was totally impressed and applied. After my interview, and receiving the training videos on how to respond to questions, I felt very confident and prepared to be re-evaluated. After following their instructions and studying the videos, I went from 70% to 100% disability rating. I am extremely appreciative and impressed with the McKeown Law LLP and highly recommend them to any Veteran desiring to appeal their initial VA rating.

Spurgeon M.

I could not be more happy with the service and respect that I got from McKeown Law LLP! They know how to navigate the VA and had great videos to prepare you for your appointments. I am so happy that I chose to go this route. I have already referred one of my friends and will refer other friends in the future. If you are apprehensive about using this law firm you should not be! You won’t be disappointed…they know the VA processes better than anyone I have met and they could not have made the process any easier. I appreciate all that you have done!

Ronald B.

I must admit I was initially apprehensive about using a law firm to navigate the VA but not anymore. After my first interview with them I was sold. The whole team, from the attorney to my case manager, walked me through the whole process and was always available to answer and questions I had whether it be minor or more complex in nature. Contracts are written in very plain, easy-to-understand terms which I got to review and sign if everything was to my liking, which it was. They helped me go from 20% to 90%. I’m most appreciative for what they were able to do for me! Highly recommend you give them a try. They truly are Heroes Serving Heroes!

Edward B.

My experience with their team was top-notch. These guys and gals really care about our veterans and it’s obvious by their work ethic. So thankful to have found Mr. McKeown and Heroes Serving Heroes.

Glenn K.

Straight-shooting, fair and honest, efficient with every step of the legal jungle. Hand-holding or hands-off, Andrew and his team get it done right! Quick to respond to clients with professional, candid, and legally insightful and ethical advice. Top performing lawyer team to have on your side. Gets it done!

Benj L.

Talk about a team that operates with the highest quality of professionalism and Integrity. There is no stone unturned at this firm. No question unanswered, no doubt that you are in good hands.

Dario G.

This Team is on point and very professional. For over 11 years I’ve requested assistance for my VA compensation with zero luck until I hired this firm. Thank you.

Harold H.

I was referred to McKeown Law by a co-worker.McKeown and his team were extremely helpful and attentive, they answered all my questions immediately. I felt that everyone at McKeown Law had my best interests and were true professionals. I am thankful for all that they have done for my future and family. I can finally help my father retire comfortably. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend them.

Kristian S.

I was referred to McKeown Law by a friend. I have been out of the service for 7 years and was initially rated at 50%. I had conditions which have worsened over time and I did not know how to approach the VA, or where to begin the process of having disabilities added. McKeown relieved all of the stress of this process. I felt confident going into my evaluations because I was able to convey my symptoms and the impact they had on my life. I felt everyone I dealt with at McKeown Law had my best interests at heart and were true professionals. I highly recommend them.

Ronnie L.

This review doesn’t do the justice deserved for the service that Mr. Mckeown and his team provide! If you have any doubts, any doubt at; don’t! Call up Mr. McKeown and his team, and they will help you to the best of their ability! I’ve been out of the service for 20+ years and in six months’ time I went from zero to 90%!!! Speechless!! Thankful!! Blessed!!

Michael S.

Thank you so much! I did not even know where to begin to file, or how to move through the process, and you were a huge help. Its been beyond a decade since I had left military service and have been dealing with these issues for a long time. It has become my “normal” and I thought I was stuck without help. Your team answered all of my questions and I felt very cared for every step of the way. I have already sent your information to other vets to get assistance. I cannot express how much this means to me, both your assistance and the service I will now get.

Holly R

Andrew and his team far exceeded my expectations! I was referred to Andrew by a fellow Marine Corps vet a few years ago and I’m glad that conversation happened. After letting life get in the way for far too long, I finally initiated my claim about seven years after exiting the Marine Corps. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect at the start, but Andrew and team made the process as simple as it could possibly be. Not only did they take care of the whole process and let me know when I simply needed to show up for an appointment, but they tripled the issues to be claimed that I initially had in my mind at the start of the process. All of which were related to the original ones I knew were documented in my medical record. Unless you do this type of thing for a living, the chances of knowing what may or may not be connected are slim. That, to me, is the most important reason to reach out for assistance from professionals like Andrew. I have been referring Andrew and his team to every vet I talk to and will continue to do so because he’s focused on YOU and getting you what you deserve.

Scott H.

The McKeown legal team and services are top-notch! They walked me through every step of the process. Full disclosure and no hidden fees. Great, patriotic service for veterans!

John D.

The McKweon Law team did an outstanding job representing me through the VA process. I just wish I had known about Andrew and his team 11 years ago when I retired!

Brian F.

Andrew and his staff were professional, quick, and thorough! My case was resolved flawlessly! I only wish I had known about them years ago! I can’t thank them enough! Utilize their services – you won’t be disappointed!

Joe S.

I was referred to the McKeown’s law firm by a fellow veteran. First off let me say ” Thank you” for helping me with my claim. I was told when I initially retired that items were left off. I tried to figure out how to get help on my own for 4 years and never succeeded. After my initial consultation, I knew I had reached someone that cared and wanted what was best for me. The induction staff were helpful and eased all my concerns. The medical staff were spot on and address my concerns; as well as things I had missed. Their diligence and attention to detail meant a lot to me and I am grateful. I have verbally told may friends and acquaintances about the help I received. Have no fear of consulting and using Andrew and his team. Their core values align with the same values we as service members hold dear. As a retiree let me just say your trust in this team will not be misplaced. They will contact you as things move and keep you in the know. Thank you!!!

Henry S.

I have referred several veterans to McKeown law firm and we all have been extremely pleased. My only regret is I didn’t hire them years ago. Thank you Andrew.

Harold W.

The team over at McKeown Law helped me from start to finish to get compensated for injuries acquired during my time serving out country. I was once hesitant to start the process, since I had submitted claims for some injuries but had been denied, maybe for me not expressing myself correctly and/or for trying to be the tough Marine, hiding my pain intensity and how it hindered my way of life. But after receiving the proper guidance from The McKeown Law team I was able to relax and to complete all the steps necessary and be compensated for my injuries. Thanks again to all for guidance, and for being patient while answering all my questions. Oorah.

Joey M.

McKeown Law was very knowledgeable in navigating the VA processes. The straightforward, step-by-step guided process was easily understood. They were quick to answer what few questions I had. I felt comfortable the throughout the process.

Jesse P.

I found every person I spoke with at the law firm to be extremely friendly and helpful. Everyone showed interest and cared about my situation. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone needing assistance with dealing with the VA. They are outstanding! May God bless them all!

Harry P.

This has been a first-class act! It’s sad that as a veteran that we have to reach out to outside resources to receive what we are entitled to! That said McKeown Law did an excellent job of representing me through this process! The cost for them to accept my claim was worth it! I won’t get into specifics but I have been reimbursed the cost for them to claim in only 3 months for a lifetime of receiving exceptional benefits! I also have referred several other veterans to them and they echo my confirmation that they have represented them and have received extra benefits! Well done McKeown Law and thanks for having the veteran’s best interest!

Walter C.

I am truly grateful for McKeown Law. They were professional, informative and ALWAYS available for any questions. I’ve taken the time to pass this firm’s name to a few of my fellow veterans who were looking for assistance. My family and I thank McKeown Law for getting me started on receiving my rightful benefits. Kevin S.

Kevin S.

My experience with Andrew and his team was nothing short of Extraordinary! From first contact to periodic updates, everything went exactly as described in advance. Of note, it may be a lengthy process (mine took over 11 months to complete), but the timeline was expected and the results of our interaction were phenomenal. I highly recommend using Andrew’s services…I have passed his information to numerous fellow veterans. Just be honest, upfront, and complete all of your activities, and hopefully, you will get what you deserve.

Steve S.

Wonderful people to work with! Everything went smooth and easy throughout the whole process.

Kelly B.

Very professional and always responsive. Knows the VA disability system exceptionally well. I have recommended him to others who have also received favorable results and I continue to highly recommend him to any military member or veteran for assistance. CW4 Dugger Ret

William D.

I was recently told about Mr. McKeown through another veteran in the community in, which I live in. Although I had much apprehension, especially regarding another questionable entity. I chose to trust my veteran neighbor. I made the call. The steps provided by Mr. McKeown were truly OUTSTANDING! Miss. Sheree, his legal assistant, was phenomenal! She exemplifies what it means being a “client centered lady!” You’re not alone! Semper Fi

Robert M.

If you are considering hiring The McKeown Law Firm, do not hesitate. Run, do not walk. In a process that should have been confusing, they made it manageable. I fully expected to be ignored, however, it was the opposite. It was an incredible experience and I would recommend them to all of my friends!

Kimberly H.

My natural brother recommended to Mckeown Law LLP. And I’m glad he did. The other organizations wanted me to do the leg work by or research for my medical records and such. But Mckeown Law firm has his own staff who can excess all of my medical records and know in advance my service connected disabilities. Mckeown Law Firm handle all paperwork was very professional in every aspect. I honestly got an increase within three months. I would Difinitely Recommend them to all my fellow Veterans. Thanks Mckeown Law LLP.

Eugene B.