Our Lawyers Understand the Importance of Securing VA Disability Benefits

McKeown Law is a nationwide veterans’ disability law firm. As veterans themselves—and as former U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) employees—founding partners Andrew J. McKeown and Fred F. Oeldeman are intimately familiar with the challenges veterans face when they suffer a life-altering injury or illness during their military service.

If you need to file for VA benefits, you need an experienced advocate on your side. The filing process isn’t easy, and while the government tries to make good on its promise to compensate disabled veterans, it receives an extraordinary volume of claims. Andrew and Fred help veterans navigate the process as efficiently as possible, cut through the red tape, and avoid mistakes that could lead to a delay or denial of benefits.

Why Veterans And Families Choose Us

3 Reasons to Choose Us For Your VA Benefits Claim

We Are Marine Corps Veterans

Founding attorneys Andrew McKeown and Fred Oeldeman are both Veterans who collectively served eight years on active duty as Marine Corps infantrymen. They know what you’ve been through, and they understand the life-changing impact an award of VA compensation benefits can have. 

We Have Experience On Both Sides

As former VA employees with over a decade of combined experience deciding VA compensation claims, Andrew and Fred have gained extensive knowledge of how the VA disability compensation process works and what goes into making a successful claim for disability benefits. As advocates in private practice, they now apply their unique understanding to assisting Veterans in successfully realizing the benefits they earned during their military service.

We Have Handled Thousands Of Claims

Since leaving the VA, Fred and Andrew have helped thousands of Veterans successfully navigate the VA disability compensation process.

We Offer Services That Most Law Firms Do Not

Together, Andrew and Fred bring eight years of active duty experience, 13 years of VA experience, and close to a decade of experience representing veterans and their families to the table. They also offer many services that most other law firms do not. For example, in addition to representing McKeown Law’s clients in all interactions with the VA, Andrew and Fred also:

  • Conduct comprehensive file reviews in order to assess our clients’ VA benefits eligibility prior to filing
  • Provide preliminary benefit consultations to help our clients make informed decisions
  • Assist with obtaining physician-conducted medical file reviews before filing
  • Provide full-service application preparation and filing services
  • Provide case monitoring and representation from the earliest stages of the VA benefits application process

When you need to collect VA disability benefits, you need a lawyer who will relentlessly pursue your claim with your best interests in mind. Andrew and Fred are both 100% committed to protecting our clients’ interests, and they will do everything in their power to help you secure the highest possible disability rating and monthly benefit payment.

What Our Clients Say . . .

Why should you choose McKeown Law for your VA disability claim? While we could tell you what we think, we prefer to let our clients speak for themselves. Here are just a few examples of our numerous five-star reviews:

“I filed my claim twice with the VA, and my claim was lost twice. After that, I contacted Andrew and told him my problems I was having navigating the VA claim process. . . . I ended up with a much higher rating thanks to Andrew than I could have ever done on my own. . . . My back pay was way higher than the small fee [McKeown Law] asked for. Now I [am] getting compensated more monthly for the rest of my life.”

“Andrew filed material to the VA to increase my disability. I had a 30% disability. He was able to get it increased to 100 %. You can’t get any better than that!”

“Andrew is a top-notch lawyer and human being who truly cares for his clients. No matter how busy he is he makes time to talk to you like you’re his only client. What he did representing me was something unmatched and the result was something I could never have . . . achieved without his representation.”

Contact Us About Filing Your Claim for VA Disability Benefits

If you would like to know more about our experience, our approach to securing VA disability benefits, or any other aspect of our practice, we invite you to get in touch. To schedule a free consultation at your convenience, please call 833-945-3033 or SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT NOW.