McKeown Law, LLP

Tom F.

I have never liked dealing with lawyers as they tend to make my work life more difficult than easier. However, working with Andrew has been a whole different story. He made the whole process of dealing with the VA easy. I wish I would have found him 10 years ago and I could have had this done so much sooner, and the additional funds to go with it. I went from a 40% rating to 100% rating and will get my back pay from Dec ’19 all the way back to Apr ’19. All I had to do was commit to the paperwork Andrew sent me and he did all the rest. I showed up for one VA medical exam a few weeks after my claim was filed with the VA and was notified within about 90 days of the appointment of my initial status of 90%. I still had to wait another 6 weeks to get to 100% but Andrew kept telling me I was going to get it, I’m sure based on his knowledge and experience with the whole VA system. You won’t go wrong, give him a call, don’t wait.