McKeown Law, LLP

Scott Ilg

Andrew is legit as F*CK…
He did exactly what he said & then some.
Medical records not really there, just a single piece of paper from a PRP physical w/a handwritten explanation of my knee injury & a sick call record for a hand injury..nothing else..almost two weeks in Walter Reed and NO RECORDS. After 16 1/2 yrs of fighting w/the VA getting turned down repeatedly I saw the FB ad Andrew was using at the I contacted him & we talked. Took him a yr but he did exactly what he said he would do, reassuring me along the way that he WOULD NOT drop the ball on me like everyone else had..12 months after Andrew taking my case I was rated @ 40% to start ( $ 6500 back pay check )
If you hate dealing w/the VA like most of us do contact Andrew then sit back and let him do his thing, you absolutely will not regret letting him handle your claim.

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