McKeown Law, LLP

Kris and Trina Buster

Top Notch work from a fellow Veteran! I wasn’t sure how to proceed with a claim, so I contacted Andrew and told him that while I was always thankful for my initial rating, the severity and extent of those injuries was worsening and my current rating didn’t seem to reflect it.

Several years after the VA reduced my rating from 70 to 60%, I wanted help with at least getting back to 70, and had no idea where to start. He listened to me, asked questions, and even made new discoveries in my records! Mr McKeown was able to get a copy of my C-file in two months (I am still waiting on the one I formally requested 15 months ago) and we filed for an increase of existing SC’s and several new claims. He took care of everything and expertly guided me through the process; less than two months after C&P exams, I had my new rating: 90% !!!

Andrew is truly a professional and extremely proficient at getting you the benefits you deserve. His fees are nominal compared to other attorneys with less experience and insight than he has. Andrew is a Marine and used to work FOR the VA! I cannot think of a better battle buddy in this situation. Any time I had a question or concern, he was an email, text, or call away, and was NEVER hard to reach. I never had a doubt the entire time I was waiting on the rating that I had made the right choice by hiring Andrew. Honestly, it was the best decision I ever made for my family. I cannot thank him enough.