McKeown Law, LLP

James K

The team at Heroes Serving Heroes is extremely professional, comprehensive and diligent in the completion of my compensation claim. They saved me from, what I saw was an impossible task of applying for benefits with the VA. I initiated a claim and did almost nothing with it for nearly 6 months before getting referred to this team. I worked with Andrew, who upon our initial consultation cleared up the many misconceptions I had about the VA disability process. He was able to explain things to me in a way I could understand and identified issues I would have overlooked. The daunting task that I had been putting off for years was made nearly effortless once I secured Andrew’s help. Please don’t hesitate. Give this team a call and get what you deserve for your years of service! I have personally recommended him to nearly every veteran I know and his team has either helped them or is currently helping them get what they deserve. *** *