McKeown Law, LLP

Guadalupe Flores

This was the best decision I made to hire this Law firm of McKeown Law, LLP. I had lost all hope on the V. A. compensating me a higher rating other than 40%. I had furnished them with all necessary Medical and Military paper work, as well as all required applications to no avail. I contacted Mr. Fred Olderman at this Law Firm, and I explained him my predicament and my Service as a Marine in the Republic of Vietnam. after hearing my case, he felt they could help. No pay if they can’t help you. It took a little more than 4 months but I redid all the testing the V. A. needed and Mr. Olderman did all the paperwork require. I truly recommend this Law Firm to all my Vietnam Vets that feel they are not getting the correct rating for their Service in Vietnam. Believe me when I say they are the best. My final proof to all of you Vietnam Vets reading this. I went from 40% to 100% with back pay. I think it was worth it going thru all the process again, and having lots of patience. God Bless all of You and Thank You for your Service

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