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Chris P

I had the single most miserable, horrific experience dealing with VA the last 18 months of my Father’s life. I can honestly say I was mentally and emotionally traumatized to the point that even when a VA doctor told me to apply for a greater disability rating, I didn’t want to go through the agony again. Then in November 2018 a friend told me about Andrew. I politely nodded my head and said to myself “there is no way I’ll subject myself to another round with VA.” That friend talked about Andrew for several months and in late January 2019 came over to the house and sat me down in front of my computer and almost at gun point had me fill out my contact information. My experience with Andrew was as pleasant as my experience with my Father’s claim was the opposite. I just cannot express how grateful I am that I took the “plunge.” Andrew was a pure joy to work with, and yes he did get me a far greater disability rating. He kept me informed all the way to the end. I will never be able to thank him enough for the piece of mind he gave me and my wife. I strongly endorse Andrew and his team to anyone contemplating filing a disability claim, but I particularly highly, highly recommend him if you are seeking an upgraded rating. Andrew cut through the red tape and government / VA gobble-d gook and bureaucracy. Priceless!! There still are good guys out there who deeply care about veterans and Andrew sets the example for them all!!