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Nearly 88% of all Veterans currently receiving VA compensation are under compensated. Alarmingly, this number increases if you solely focus on the military retiree population (i.e. those with 20 or more years of cumulative active duty service).

Of the thousands of clients McKeown Law has represented, several topics emerge in the scope of identifying why their clients’ prior attempts at VA compensation claims fail.  

Quality Representation

Most Veterans that file claims for VA compensation do so with the assistance of non-lawyer Veteran Service Organizations VSO (e.g. American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, etc). In those instances, the attorneys at McKeown Law frequently notice several issues in regard to VSO representation.

  • VSO’s commonly disregard potential claims in Veterans’ active duty records.
  • VSO’s commonly fail to raise common complications stemming from previously service connected claims.
  • VSO’s commonly miss glaring errors made by the VA.
  • VSO’s commonly do not understand the law nor do they advocate as effectively as an attorney.

Quality Medical Evidence

Relevant and adequate medical evidence is an absolutely critical part of a successful VA compensation claim. In many cases it is the underlying medical evidence that drives the desired result.

Regarding our clients prior dealings with VA compensation examiners, two main issues emerge that tend to negatively effect their VA compensation claims, prior to our representation.

First, many Veterans are unaware of the relevant information they should communicate at the VA examination. Although many Veterans experience all of the relevant symptoms to support a higher percentage, they fail to communicate the symptoms properly and effectively at the VA examination, thus resulting in a lower evaluation than what they are legally entitled to.

Second, many Veterans are unaware of the requirements the VA must fulfill in providing a VA compensation exam that complies with the law. Determining if the examiner asked all of the proper questions, performed all necessary tests, and properly recorded all of the necessary results is typically beyond the scope of most VSO’s understanding. Failing to identify and articulate these flaws can make all the difference.

With these issues in mind, McKeown Law takes great care in preparing our clients for their VA compensation examinations and evaluating the adequacy of those exams after they have been completed. 

Pre-File Consultation

Comprehensive Records and File Review

This is the most critical part of the claim process. Evaluating your lengthy military personnel and medical records requires a highly trained eye with a thorough understanding of both medicine and VA law. In almost every case we review a Veteran’s claim, where they were previously represented by a VSO, we discover several disabilities that should have been claimed, but were missed. In 1000’s of cases we have represented, the discovery and proper claim of those new disabilities raised our client’s rating percent to 100%.  
Presently, McKeown Law contracts with Board Certified Physicians to conduct their clients’ medical file reviews.  We believe it’s critical to integrate experts into each phase of the process by leveraging what they do best!
McKeown Law also reviews prior Rating Decisions to assess whether a Clear and Unmistakable Error (CUE) was committed, thus entitling their clients to significant retroactive back payments.  
In a 2019 case, the attorneys at McKeown Law discovered a CUE in a client’s prior Rating Decision that entitled their client to $426,000 in retroactive back pay in addition to securing all future payments at the 100% rate! 

Claim Preparation, Representation, and Filing

Another necessary and critical part of the VA Claim process is filing all of the proper forms and supporting evidence. The attorneys at McKeown Law take great care during this part of the claim process and includes a tailor-made Supplemental Narrative that will forcefully argue for your entitlement to VA monthly payments. 
Additionally, our attorneys are well versed in filing claims in a manner that qualifies his clients for expedited processing referred to as a Fully Developed Claim (FDC).  This service is provided totally free of charge. 

Exam Preparation

The VA Examination is a meeting with a VA medical professional (nurse or doctor) to determine the severity of your disability. Notably, one of the most nerve-racking aspects of the VA claim process is determining what needs to be communicated at the VA Exam. The attorneys at McKeown Law prepare their clients by covering relevant questions, tests, and/or exams the VA examiner will administer at the appointment.  
Being properly prepared for the VA Exam gives you the absolute best chance to achieve the rating percent and monthly payment you rightfully deserve.

Common Questions

Will I have to pay any upfront money to become a client?

Will I have to pay any money out of pocket if you increase my monthly VA payment?

Do I owe any money if my monthly VA payment does not increase?

Can I work and continue to receive these monthly VA payments?

In most cases you can work and receive monthly VA disability payments. This remains true even if the Veteran is getting paid at the 100% rate!  The only exception is if the Veteran is receiving payments at the 100% rate due to Individual Unemployability. 
McKeown Law does not represent Veterans seeking payments at the 100% rate on the basis of Individual Unemployability.  If McKeown Law takes your case and you obtain 100% VA compensation, you WILL be able to work without ANY limitation on your income!

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